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Leaders & Misleaders – the psychology of progress and regress.
Drawing on the perspectives of history and philosophy, and a wealth of wide-ranging business experience, this workshop/keynote topic demonstrates the impact of leaders and misleaders on business, making plain the psychologies of progress and regress. It demonstrates clearly that ineffective leadership is inevitably caused by a failure of the will rather than any intellectual inadequacy. The alternative to using inspiration to get people to follow you is using force or lies, and of course, many so-called leaders throughout history have relied on coercion, intimidation, and lies to achieve their ends. The trend continues in politics, business, and the professions today – hence the worldwide crisis of leadership at all levels of society. The learning here provides the only hope we have of reversing the trend.


An Educational Bridge for Leaders – a program for growing daily as a leader.
Without genuine, on-going education, we will never produce leaders, only misleaders. Skills -training is important but in itself inadequate because a person may have all the skills in the world, yet by dint of character, misuse or abuse them. If we are consistent with the understanding of education as the life-long process by which the intellectual and moral potential of a person is brought to fruition, then there are some definite guidelines against which all worldviews and all educational programs must be measured. Real leadership requires, above all else, personal integrity, which can only be built on education. This workshop/keynote provides the bridge to that on-going personal growth.


Leadership & Creativity – you can only build the future with new ideas.
Ideas are what every business requires to give them the competitive edge. The more people a company has generating ideas, the greater its potential to achieve spectacular results. The Power of Integrity workshop, “Leadership & Creativity”, shows leaders how to inspire people to use their personal creative faculties to the full. It explores the nature of creativity, and demonstrates that everybody has the potential to come up with ideas. The workshop encourages people in all departments to tackle their day-to-day tasks with an innovative spirit and a determination to find better ways of doing things. This inevitably promotes a more positive atmosphere in the workplace. Genuine leadership inspires the best from all people – and the best, in human terms, means their creative ability.


Leaders Think; Misleaders Scheme – and most managers just follow the formula.
You can only lead if you have a mind of your own. Thinking for yourself is where meaningful growth starts. The Power of Integrity workshop, “Leaders think; misleaders scheme; and most managers just follow the formula”, demonstrates that many of the seemingly insoluble problems that confront us in our daily lives - like shortage of time and information overload - are in fact just symptoms of the one real problem: a reluctance to think for ourselves. The workshop exposes the roots of the problem and shows how to take back control of our lives, becoming more enthusiastic and effective in everything we do. Inspire and equip your people to think for themselves and to provide the dynamic growth all organizations need.


Leading Relationships – exploding the myth of office politics.
Politics has been given a bad name by politicians. Most organizations pretend that they aren’t political, and try to prove it by replacing the word with euphemisms like networking and influencing. Aristotle pointed out that we are political animals. And politics is not manipulation, exploitation, lying, cheating, and using others as means to your own ends. Those things are merely instances of human beings behaving badly. Politics is simply how we order our lives together for the good of all. Therefore it’s about building community, which in turn means building effective relationships. The value chain or marketing system of any organisation is nothing more than a network of relationships. Whenever performance falters anywhere along the line, you can be sure there is a dysfunctional relationship causing the problem. This workshop shows how to meet this challenge on a daily basis.


Leaders & the People Problem – understanding personality, character, and human nature.
It was Abraham Lincoln who observed: “Human nature will not change. In any future great national trial, compared with the men of this, we shall have as weak and as strong, as silly and as wise, as bad and as good.” History continues to endorse the truth of his words. That is why it is imperative for leaders at all levels to understand human nature. This workshop/keynote provides a compelling and highly informative overview, bringing clarity to other essential concepts like personality and character, giving leaders the much needed guidance on how to deal with the welter of people problems that plague the post-modern workplace. A frequently asked question in leader’s forums is “How do I motivate people?” This workshop/keynote has answers that will enable the leaders in your business to make a significant difference immediately.


Leader shapes Culture shapes Brand – leadership is always the on-going challenge.
The fall from grace of so many of the world’s leading blue-chip brands over recent years is a telling commentary on the decline of leadership in the corporate world and the malignant growth of misleadership. People in charge who no longer seek the long-term health and vitality of their brand display a demoralising short-termism that is eroding trust and confidence among consumers and putting the future of the free market at risk at the same time. Brands are the sign of stability and reliability – they stand or fall on their integrity. And their integrity is entirely dependent on the corporate culture that nurtures them. That corporate culture is shaped by leaders or misleaders, for better or worse. The test of the integrity of the brand is the integrity of the corporate culture, and the test of the integrity of the corporate culture is the integrity of the people in charge. This workshop/keynote deals with the most critical issue facing all organisations in the new millennium.


What Does Morality have to do with Business? - Business ethics in an unethical age.
It might be an Enron scandal or a simple case of food poisoning at a restaurant; it might be massive retail losses as a result of shop-lifting, or a new-home purchaser defrauded through misrepresentation. Morality impacts on business at every level, and business ethics is a reality everyone must address; large corporations in particular have come under increasing pressure to make it clear to their own people and the market where they draw the line regarding standards of behaviour. This workshop/keynote cuts through the confusion, to provide an entertaining guide to a proper understanding of the issues. It will inspire your people to make the difference everyone is capable of making, and have an immediate impact on your business culture, and the quality of teamwork and leadership in your organisation.

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