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Drawing on the perspectives of history and philosophy, and a wealth of business experience, Andre van Heerden demonstrates the impact of leaders and misleaders on business, making plain the psychologies of progress and regress.  He shows how corporate culture determines performance, and how leadership or misleadership determines corporate culture.  His highly successful Power of Integrity™ Leadership Program has earned enthusiastic praise from almost 500 corporate leaders over the past eight years.

Power of Integrity
Leadership Program nears
500 mark

Almost 500 corporate leaders have gone through the six-month Power of Integrity Leadership Program over the past eight years.
This does not account for the many more who have benefitted from the ideas and ethos of the program in conference sessions and workshops.

The feedback from such a diversity of business categories, and from the entire spectrum of age, gender, and ethnicity, has been positively astonishing. From scientists to sales-people, advertising professionals to accountants, bankers to battery specialists, the feedback has been consistently enthusiastic.

The General Manager of a large Laboratory Services business wrote in an e-mail from Holland to Andre van Heerden, the author and coach of the program: “Andre - Greetings from Holland. Sitting on the train travelling from Drachten to Amsterdam reading comments from participants on the leadership program. Tears well into my eyes as I read the comments from my staff – thank you for the wisdom you are imparting to these people and the positive affirmation of the fact that they have seen the light. Thank you, we are so lucky to have you on our team.”

"André has done a stunning job in motivating, challenging and coaching
on teamwork."

The CEO of a leading multinational advertising agency wrote: “I cannot emphasise enough the positive response this program drove from all who attended. By the end of the first two sessions of our 10 week program, there wasn’t a cynic to be sighted.”

The General Manager of Human Resources for a large food safety business commented: “André has done a stunning job in motivating, challenging and coaching on teamwork. The feedback from everyone was sensational.”

A customer services representative wrote: “Thank you for a fantastic, inspirational two days. I am back at work and absolutely buzzing with enthusiasm. I cannot thank you enough.”

The Power of Integrity Leadership Program continues to make a real difference in the lives of business leaders at all levels. Let it make the difference in your organization.


Publisher’s Press Release for Leaders and Misleaders
Finally Addressing the Leadership Crisis

At last someone has produced a book that directly addresses the problem rather than the symptoms of the leadership crisis...

(You will be redirected to the leaders and misleaders website)

Andre van Heerden’s Leaders and Misleaders – the art of leading like you mean it flays the misguided belief that we can produce leaders through skills-training and quick-fix solutions, and insists that the key is character-development and the fomenting of wisdom through on-going education. Giving skills to people of negative character will see those skills misused, and this is why our society tends to produce misleaders rather than leaders. ...Read more

Everybody’s talking about relationships

What’s the biggest cause of stress at work?  I have done a lot of surveys over the years, and in every one of them the most common answer has been ‘other people’.  That is why we enjoy sitcoms like ‘The Office” – we can all so easily relate to the situations and the characters.  We love to cringe and squirm at the experiences of Ricky Gervais and the gang because they resonate with our own.Read more


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